Extended Batteries/Portable Power Packs/ Back Up Battery Pack

Extended Batteries/Portable Power Packs/ Back Up Battery PackRegardless of the cell phone model you have, it is important to have the right battery if you do not want to lose your conversations due to battery problems.

Naztech Extended Life Battery PackNaztech Extended Life Battery Pack Charger

You no longer need to run out of power. This model is ideal to be carried on outdoor activities, long flights or for serious road trips. Naztech n301 is a lithium polymer power source that can be used to charge cell phones, iPod, smartphone, iPad, digital camera, PDA, eReader as well as other USB input gadgets. This model is very small and fits in your hands properly. Nevertheless, this model can power your phone around three times more than standard batteries. This model also sports a built-in flash light that you can use if you lose your way in the dark. It also features a battery indicator that will help you know how much battery charge is left. You can recharge this battery pack from a computer USB port as well as standard wall power outlets apart from standard vehicle adapters. This model is perfect for vacations, business trips or for long drives.

Motorola Universal Portable Power PackMotorola Universal Portable Power Pack P793

Available in a compact and lightweight set up, this model has the ability to charge your headset about ten times extra. This will provide you with five hours of talk time. You can use this model if you want to use two devices simultaneously. This can charge all products through its USB port with the aid of a charging cable. This is an environment friendly product.

Naztech 1900mAh MicroUSB Back Up Battery PackNaztech 1900mAh MicroUSB Back Up Battery Pack

You can charge all Micro USB compatible cellular phones, tablets or smartphones with the help of this battery pack. This 1900 mAh Micro USB Back upBattery pack sports an LED for indicating charge or remaining battery life. Through a simple push of your test button, you can also know your remaining battery life. This model is compact and lightweight and is perfect for you to keep in your purse, pockets or in your briefcase. This model will allow you to relax if you are going for long flights, camping, hiking, or in case you don’t have access to any AC outlet.


  • LED charge indicator
  • Compatible with the Micro USB chargers
  • Push button control
  • Lightweight
  • Male Micro USB charging port
  • Compact
  • Portable

LG VS910 Revolution 2900mAH Extended Battery w/ Door LG VS910 Revolution 2900mAH Extended Battery w/ Door

You can use this battery that comes with an extended battery if you are on the lookout for a battery that is an original LG product, and at the same time, also lightweight and has a high capacity. Let us now go through the features of this battery:

  • Original LG accessory
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a battery door as well
  • High capacity 2900mA Li-Ion


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