Droid Charge Samsung Extended Battery & Door Nearly Doubles Battery Life

samsung droid charge oem extended batteryConsider using extended batteries as an important necessity. Nobody likes to end their day looking at a phone that is nearly dead. The Samsung Droid Charge is a powerful Smartphone that needs extended battery life to get it through your day without a charge.

Samsung Droid Charge OEM Extended Battery Door

It is better to make use of an extended battery with the extended door for your Samsung Droid Charge as that would offer you extra battery life and protect it at the same time.

Since Samsung makes use of lithium ion battery technology in order to allow your cell phone to excel in the field of communication as well as other facilities expected of a smartphone, it is suggested to consider the long life 2600 mAh battery for Samsung Droid Charge.

The Samsung Droid Charge Extended Battery & Door, comes with a one-year warranty.



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3 Responses to Droid Charge Samsung Extended Battery & Door Nearly Doubles Battery Life

  1. Robert says:

    Do you know of any silicon cases or otterboxes or any protective cases for the Droid Charge with the extended life battery? I have looked almost everywhere and am having absolutely NO luck. Please respond. Thanks.


  2. Kerrie says:

    did you ever have any luck, I am looking for a case too and can not find one

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