Droid Bionic Phone Accessories Available: Hot Pick the Extended Extra Capacity Battery

The Droid Bionic made it’s way into die hard Android fan’s hands this morning. The latest addition to Verizon’s 4G lineup reveals the latest flagship phone for Verizon since the attack of the HTC Thunderbolt last spring.

We know what it feels like to be a Verizon customer and this morning we sent a private investigator to purchase the Droid Bionic. The investigator sent us an email, we are quoting below:

After putting my thoughts together, my purchase this morning with Verizon was a smooth one. Some of the best customer service reps out there barnone and of course they have well trained staff. During the purchase experience while bringing out the phone they brought out a big basket full of Droid Bionic Accessories. First thing they tried to do was sell me a case and I asked for the price it was $24.99. The case appeared to be of good quality. I did tell them I did not want the case and the salesman insisted it was something I needed to consider or else I should at least add on the monthly protection plan (great point on point marketing done here). In conclusion, I walked out a “happy customer” and the Bionic was so much fun I had to spend an extra half hour playing around with it before turning it in to Techie Warehouse.

First thing we have to say is $24.99 for a Droid Bionic case is absolutely ridiculous. Our starting prices for cases is $9.99 which is the majority of our selection and we also boast a huge selection as well.

Consider going through our site and see the great stuff we have to offer for the Droid Bionic by Motorola.

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