Double Your Apple iPhone 4/4S Battery Life With This Battery Pack



How many times has your iPhone run out of power during some long distance traveling? Is it frequent? If so, then there is the perfect solution for you. There is the brand new invention by the company with Apple iPhone 4/4S Battery Pack Charger which keeps in mind that you need to be in constant touch with people while traveling or simply keep yourself entertained during long and boring road trips.

The battery pack is of high capacity and is perfect to be carried during outdoor activities, long flights or serious road trips. The battery pack consists of a power source of compact lithium polymer which can charge up your device. The size of the product is small and can fit right in the palm of an average person’s hand. However, do not be fooled by the size. As with the saying- big things come in small packages, the same is true for the battery as well. It provides the phone with a power of 1000 mAh, which is twice the power capacity of the ordinary battery.

The features of the product do not end there. There is a battery indicator which is not only convenient but also built in. This indicator helps you determine the amount of battery actually left. It is absurdly easy to use and convenient. Use it anytime, anyplace! All you have to do is connect the phone to the battery pack and let it charge. You may be assured that with this product you will never be powerless regarding your phone again.

The product is compatible with all Apple iPhone 4 (4th Generation) models. So, go ahead and buy one if you want to get rid of your long plaguing problems of short term battery life.

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