Dell Streak Otterbox Defender, Commuter & Impact Series Review

The Dell Streak offers a 5 inch wide screen display and provides features such as multitasking, back and front facing cameras and real-time maps among others. So, if you are looking to protect your Dell Streak, then opt for Otterbox cases. Take a sneak peak at the Otterbox Defender, Commuter & Impact Series cases for Dell Streak and select the one that matches your requirement the best.

Dell Streak Defender, Dell Streak Commuter, Dell Streak Impact Otterbox Case Review


The OtterBox Defender Series created for Dell Streak has three layers that helps in protecting your mobile phone and keeps it fresh and new. So, even if you happen to drop your mobile over and over again then it won’t develop any scratches. It also helps you keep your mobile phone away from dust. You will also get a ratcheting belt clip holster along with the case. The case also lets you access all the features and functions of your device.


The OtterBox Commuter Series for your Dell Streak is a three layered case made from superior quality materials such as a durable silicone mid-layer and rugged polycarbonate shell. The case is well capable of protecting your device from scratches, drops, bumps and dust. So, if you are looking for a case that is sleek and yet capable of offering tough protection then settling for the commuter series case won’t be a bad idea at all. The slim form factor of the case also allows you to slip the case inside your pocket or bag with ease. The silicone plugs of the case covers the ports of your device well. Along with the case you will also get a self-adhering clear screen protector.


The Impact series case is made from silicone that is durable and offers strong protection for your device. It is available with a self-adhering touch screen protector. Thanks to the inner core of the case, your gadget will remain protected from bumps and scratches. This case comes with a self-adhering clear protective film and allows you to access all the features and buttons of your device with ease.

Now that you have discovered the features and capabilities of each of the cases, make your selection right away!

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