Compatible Leather Cases for the LG Revolution Extended Battery & Door

Compatible Leather Cases for the LG Revolution Extended Battery & Door

As you know, an extended battery and door poses as an important part of all handsets as they are instrumental in increasing the battery life of the phone. If you are facing problems with your battery, you can use the New OEM Revolution Extended Battery with Battery cover.

You can extend the talk time of your model with the Extended battery for the LG Revolution. If you want your model to perform even better, you can use this extended battery. Since this battery can power your phone for much longer, it is a good idea to carry this with you while traveling. This battery sports a charge of about 2900mAh. The Lithium ion technology is instrumental in protecting your model against memory effect and features an extended door as well.

If you want a case for your LG Revolution with an extended battery, then we have the solution for you!

  • You can buy a dual case for this battery that features a hard plastic case that has been designed to accommodate your standard battery as well. This model comes with a fold out stand.
  • You can remove the shell that normally slides on to your device.
  • Slide your LG model with its battery into the second part of this case (that is the receiver section) that in turn, comes with a clip.

Many users have pointed out that this accessory works great on your LG Revolution model. You can also try out this unique case, as this will provide you with the option of sliding your model into your car or your home dock station. Remember that both of these cases have been designed to work in communion with extended batteries as well!

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3 Responses to Compatible Leather Cases for the LG Revolution Extended Battery & Door

  1. james d lewis says:

    i need a clip holder for my lg revolution vs910 with entended battery can you tell me were i can one dor thi phone

  2. James, no luck on that yet we are working with a manufacturer to get those. Would you like us to email you if they come in stock?

  3. Roger LaBere says:

    I am looking for one too. Can you email

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