Choose From the Otterbox Impact or Commuter Cases for the HTC Vivid

Choosing the right case for your HTC Vivid, is crucial in protecting the longevity of the phone. Lets take a look at Otterbox cases available for your HTC Vivid. The Otterbox Impact Case and the Commuter Case are sturdy and custom designed for your phone. The advantage of using a custom designed case or cover over a generic case is that it gives a snug fit to the phone. Such cases also do not prevent you from using all the functions of the phone, allow a clear view of the screen and give you complete access to all the buttons of the phone. You can use the phone camera to click pictures even with the case on.

Otterbox HTC Vivid Impact CaseThe Otterbox HTC Vivid Impact Case is designed to provide stylish protection to your phone. It has a coring in the inner side which is impact resistance and ensures that your phone does not suffer when you accidentally let it slip away from your hand. This impact resistant inner coring also protects the phones from accidental drops and breakages. The case also has double layers of superior quality silicone protection. The case is ideal for those who lead a very hectic lifestyle. The best part of using the case is that it includes a protective film for the phone’s touchscreen also. You need not invest in screen protection for your phone if you buy this case.

Otterbox Commuter Case for HTC VividThe Otterbox Commuter Case for HTC Vivid is another custom designed case for your HTC Vivid smartphone. It resembles the Defender series in its rugged appearance. It combines the best features of both the Defender™ as well as the Impact™ series of Otterbox cases. If you are looking for a case which provides ample protection to your phone but is sleek and trendy, then this one is just right for you. The corners of the case are crafted out of silicone and are impact resistant. The case provides complete shock protection. The outer layer of the case is smooth to help the case slide in and out of your pockets conveniently. The silicone plugs protect the openings of the case which give access to USB ports and audio jack. While the outer layer of the case is crafted out of a very good quality of polycarbonate, the inner layer is created out of silicone which is of a good quality and is flexible but does not become lose. Even this case comes with an added protective film for your phone’s touchscreen and hence is a good buy! The color options for this case are black and grey.

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