BlackBerry Curve Touch to be Launched…

BlackBerry Curve Touch to be Launched Next month

Are you really fond of BlackBerry gadgets? If yes, then you have every reason to be happy as you will be able to lay hands on the BlackBerry Curve Touch very soon. BlackBerry World is scheduled to be organized next month, and the GSM version of BlackBerry Curve Touch is one of the gadgets that will be showcased during the show.

According to one of the sources within the industry, the device has been spotted with T-Mobile branding and the fourth largest carrier of the nation may launch the Curve Touch sometime in the month of June or July. However, the CDMA version of the Curve Touch, also called the BlackBerry Malibu, could hit the market this coming fall.

The BlackBerry Curve Touch is expected to share the same looks as the BlackBerry Touch, and will incorporate properties that are similar to the BlackBerry Orlando. This should not come as a big surprise to you, as the BlackBerry Orlando is a touchscreen Curve and the gadget also offers a full QWERTY keyboard. So, you will be able to type as easily as you did with your earlier BlackBerry gadgets.

Given the momentum that Android can offer and the pace and strength at which Apple iPhone is making its presence felt, it would be best for RIM to work really hard to build a touchscreen for the BlackBerry Curve Touch. In addition to this, RIM had also added two new non-touchscreen devices to its Curve line of phones this year. These gadgets were codenamed the Apollo (GSM version) and Sedona (CDMA version). However, not much information is available on these devices.

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