Blackberry Curve 3G Review

The BlackBerry Curve 3G is a durable, reliable and cheap smartphone. In terms of its build and design, Curve 3G features similar dimensions as previous Curves, although it feels significantly lighter than its contemporaries. This can be attributed to the fact that it has a light C-S2 battery which is common in other BlackBerry models. The screen of the Curve 3G is an improvement on previous models, but is just at par with its competitors. There are no issues in terms of contrast and crispness but its bright screen may not dim as much as you’d like. The size and brightness of the LED message indicator is another issue as it is rather minute.

The keyboard of this device has retained the traditional chicklet style that was common with keyboards of previous generation models. The buttons and other controls for the Talk, Return, BlackBerry and End call have been integrated to appear as part of the Curve 3G screen, rather than the keyboard. The convenience keys on this phone seem to protrude from underneath the chrome and soft plastic bezel wrapping of the phone.

Media keys on the Curve 3G phone are included at the top in place of the mute/lock rocker found on other phones, which is a bonus. Also integrated is the now-standard optical track pad whose vertical and horizontal scroll sensitivity controls work as well as expected. The Curve 3G also has an interesting battery compartment cover which is made from textured plastic reminiscent of carbon fiber. This guarantees that the cover will not scratch or get too hot or cold like the metal ones do. In terms of performance, you should be pleased by the fact that the Curve 3G debuts with BlackBerry OS 5. Its performance is just as reliable as previous models although nothing to write home about. However, there are some rare but alarming periods of sluggishness even while doing routine tasks.

For your wireless capabilities and call quality, you can expect Wi-Fi (a/b/g), Bluetooth and Verizon 3G. Just as you would expect from any BlackBerry model, Curve 3G provides reliable connectivity. Your CDMA calls will be more clear and with less static than the GSM ones. This device offers clear calling from the network side, as well as sound performance from the built-in speakers. All in all, you will receive adequate performance from the handset, speakerphone volume as well as in terms of sound quality.

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