Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Case: Leather Case & Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

You made the ultimate decision to pick the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it came to purchasing a tablet PC. These days, it’s like saying go Apple or Android… where did Windows & Blackberry disappear to? Now that the 7 inch multi touch display tablet is all yours, you can look for an appropriate Case to safeguard your tablet. Whether you are travelling or merely wish to slip this entertainment and communication hub into your pocket, you must look for a proper case to protect it from developing scratches and even drops. One of the best cases for your Samsung Galaxy Tab is the Book Style Case with the Built-in Bluetooth Keyboard.Book Style Case with Built-in Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab

This case is perfect for your smart and lightweight gadget that offers features like 3G connectivity, wireless LAN Wi-Fi, video calling using a 1.3 mega pixel front camera and a 3 mega pixel rear camera.Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Book Case

The moment you begin making use of your Galaxy Tab, you will notice that you need to safeguard the tablet and use a keyboard for writing lengthy documents. With the book style leather Case & Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, you can meet your requirements with ease. The case comes with a framed pocket that allows users to access the full screen of their Galaxy Tab. Yet another striking feature of the case is its book style closure and magnetic wrap around that helps secure the tablet. What you won’t fail to notice either is the intricate stitch work and fine material that has been used to create the case.Power Connecting Cable to Galaxy Case

You will be able to access the keyboard the moment you open the case, which can be easily folded to keep your Galaxy Tablet in an upright position that helps you view videos and photos in the landscape mode. You will also find easy to write lengthy documents and applications. The keyboard is the same size as that of most netbook keyboards and has a full QWERTY layout along with a function button that allows you to open features such as volume controls and playback. The keypad on the 76 key keyboard has been designed using soft silicone, which is durable as well. You will also get a charging cable along with the case. If you make use of the Galaxy Tab Case with a Bluetooth Keyboard then you will get an apt solution for your tablet.

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8 Responses to Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Case: Leather Case & Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

  1. FisMoma says:

    This is a nice review, and I really want this case but can not find it anywhere…. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  2. Techie Warehouse says:

    Are you still interested in the product? We have them in stock and will be getting it up onto our website soon today.

  3. Timothy Amrhein says:

    Can this Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard be used with a Dell Streak 7 tablet?

  4. Kai says:

    Thank you so much for the review! I’ve been looking feverishly for a keyboard option for my Galaxy Tab (via Sprint) – I assume this case/keyboard IS compatible with Sprint?
    I use my Tab on the train – I’m a graduate student who commutes 4hrs daily between NYC and central New Jersey.

    None of the companies out there making bluetooth keyboard options that one might use with the Galaxy Tab seem to know that:
    1)a commuting student might find the product you review/sell very useful, and necessary even to save back injury & lighten their load; and
    2)women who might like to use the Tab to get work done during their commute, but don’t want to carry a second bag (or a separate keyboard in its own sleeve because we have limited room in our purses), would Love something like this that (I assume) fits in her handbag like a big book.

    Thanks so much for selling this – I look forward to receiving it – and I look forward to supporting a business located in upstate NY!!

  5. Maria says:

    Yes. Just like Kai, I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tablet, searching for a bluetooth keyboard/case. I just received one, that was shipped all the way in Hongkong, and recently, after I purchased it, they posted that it was not compatible with Verizon or Sprint. Too late!!! I was able to pair the keyboard and the tablet, but can’t type.

    Please let us know if this product which we are interested in, will work for Sprint or Verizon versions of Samsung Galaxy Tablets? It can be misleading, when I see compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and then, there are still carrier version problems?

    Thank you very much! Really appreciate it!

  6. Techie Warehouse says:

    @Maria, @Kai:

    Yes absolutely this product will work with all the Samsung Galaxy Tabs out there. This is designed only for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We have pretested this with every carrier’s model and it works great. The downside is it is out of stock at the moment until approximately 3/5 – 3/15.

    Customers have had a strong demand for this case and bluetooth keyboard hybrid. I would definitely try to return that other keyboard and get your money back because nobody should be advertising it if they are not positive it would actually work.

  7. darren says:

    Is this keyboard compatible with the wi-fi only Galaxy Tab?

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