Best Mobile Phone Cases for Construction Contractors: Otterbox Defender

As a construction contractor, you are required to work under tough and unfavorable conditions. While at times you have to brave the heat and sun, during other times you get to face dust and even pick up loads. Amidst such conditions, if you are carrying a mobile phone, then safeguarding it is certainly a big challenge. There is every chance that your phone may slip from your hand and fall flat on the floor. Besides, even dust may settle on the screen of your gadget, making it look shabby.

Given such conditions, the best way to protect your mobile phone is to make use of sturdy mobile cases from Otterbox. These defender series cases from Otterbox have been specially designed to provide complete protection under different conditions, so that even if by mistake (or if you are in a hurry) you happen to drop your mobile phone case on the nail pouch, you won’t curse yourself. Your handset will remain safe inside the tough Otterbox Defender series case. The Defender series have been designed for different brands and models including Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone and Motorola among others.

The Otterbox defender series for iPhone 4 has been specially crafted to allow you to access features such as retina display, FaceTime video, HD video recording, retina display etc. with ease. It has a coating on the exterior of the touch screen membrane that helps you avoid any sort of finger print impressions. The interior texture of the touch screen membrane helps you avoid bubbles and static appearance. The felt liner on the inside portion of the case provides a cushion for your gadget and the exterior (made from silicone) has been provided for a better grip.

The case also comes with a holster that helps in holding the device properly. The holster has been redesigned for improved grip. Another advantage of having the holster is that it can also be used as a stand for viewing videos, photos and pictures. In case you are carrying a Samsung Captivate mobile phone, you can use the three layered case which has been specially designed by Otterbox for the handset.

The Otterbox Defender series cases are made from superior quality polycarbonate shell with durable silicon skin. So, why wait, get an Otterbox case and protect your phone even when you are at the construction site.

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