Best Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Inch Portfolio Case with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard

The 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet is yet another best from the giant technology company, Samsung. To help the owners of this tablet maintain their devices in top notch shape for a long time ‘Totally Tablet’ has developed a cover case that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

One very appealing feature of this case is the detachable Bluetooth keyboard that comes with it. This means that now you can easily and efficiently type, chat and email without the usual constrictions that come along with the touch devices.

When connected to the tablet you can use the keyboard buttons to control settings such as volume and media playback. The case itself is made of PU leather which ensures durability and protection of the tablet. The case exterior and interior prevents the entry of dust and debris which can damage the device. They also absorb shock resulting from impacts with hard surfaces. The case can be opened to become a display stand for the tablet and also a typing surface for the Bluetooth keyboard. So you are literally creating your own mini work desk.

If you are worried about the usability of your Google Nexus while the case is on, do not anymore. All tablet control buttons can be accessed while the case is still on. For travelers the case also comes with an built in rechargeable lithium battery which ensures that you can use your keyboard for longer. You can purchase this case at

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