Battery Life Problems with the LG Revolution Resolved

Battery Life Problems with the LG Revolution Resolved

Since battery remains a predominant problem with almost all cell phones, today we will deal with the battery of the LG Revolution. We will seek help from an individual named P. Lam in this respect who has also dealt with the battery issues that concern LG Revolution. This is an important issue and has to be dealt with properly as battery life occupies the most important position for all mobile phones. Battery life is important as you will regret it if you meet with battery problems while you are in the middle of an important conversation. The situation will be compounded further if you are not carrying your charger on you.

LG is not popularly known in the mobile industry for its high end smartphones. They were usually located in freebie bins. However, with the release of X2 and now with the Revolution, LG appears to have brought about changes in how they were perceived earlier.

The battery of the LG Revolution is neither great nor horrible. If this is unplugged at around 7am and made to withstand moderate usage throughout the day till 6pm, it has been seen that this model still has around 10% battery left as reserve. The model was used to make a few calls and had to withstand moderate surfing on the internet, and was also used for HBO Go and Netflix.  Although on some occasions, you may need to charge this model before 6PM at times this model more or less a enjoys good battery life.

If we leave battery life aside, you will be welcomed with a brilliant phone. It enjoys a clear and crisp screen. Although the display of this model fails to be as commendable as the Droid Charge, it is more or less similar to the HTC Thunderbolt.

LG Revolution features an internal storage space of 16GB. This model also scores higher compared to the other devices that enjoy a place in this Quadrant. Although this model has not been granted a dual core processor, it is great as far as the single core processors are concerned. Games, menus as well as internet browsing move smoothly and quickly on this model. If you are on the lookout for LTE, you will be attracted by this model.

LG Revolution, similar to other LTE devices, uses Froyo 2.2, though it will probably incorporate Gingerbread in the near future. Since LG was diligent in incorporating Gingerbread into X2, similar diligence is also expected in the case of LG Revolution. This model also sports VOLTE which has been built into this model, but this service will not be offered till next year.

LG Revolution excels in some fields, and the other LTE phones that are available in the market excel in a few others. Revolution is a commendable LTE device and if you ask us, the features are enough to warrant a purchase. In addition, it also carries a two year warranty. If you want faster models, you can go in for handsets that come with a dual core processor, but we must point out that you may be stuck with the 3G capabilities of these models. In case you are bent on going in for a LTE model and are satisfied with using 4G till Verizon Wireless switches over to tiered internet, you can go in for this LG model.

Thus, we see that the battery of the LG Revolution enjoys a place somewhere between Thunderbolt and Droid. If you would like to move to LTE in an Android model, this model will prove to be a great choice for you!

We have come across another review about the LG Revolution that was nice to go through. We are sharing some parts of this review with you. “To start off, I would like to say that this phone is outstanding! It’s very fast and has a great display and color. Another thing I like is that the sensitivity of the touch screen just seems to feel right. It doesn’t feel overly sensitive but you also don’t need to band at the icons before they notice. The regular camera takes pretty good pictures for a phone. They are clear and look like they were taken with a digital camera. The front facing camera however is not nearly as clear and I would only recommend using it for taking face shots in extremely good lighting or video chatting. “


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