Ballistic Shell Gel Case for Apple iPhone 4/4S Review

Apple iPhone 4S

Protecting your iPhone 4S is the first thing which comes to your mind after you have admired it enough. It goes without saying that you also need to invest in the right iPhone 4S accessories. With so many cases and skins available in the market, it is sheer confusion having to select the right one for your prized iPhone 4S.

While you are shopping for the case for your iPhone, take a look at the Ballistic Shell Gel Case for Apple iPhone 4S. It is a hard cover but minus the added bulk or size. It boasts of Ballistic Corners™ which promises to protect your phone from all the sides as well as the four corners. The corners also boast of extra shock absorption. Normally, most covers do not include this feature and when your phone tends to phone, the corners of the phone are mostly susceptible to the greatest damage.

Also, the Ballistic Shell Gel another innovation makes this iPhone case a great buy. It includes three layer protections for your phone. The phone is made up of soft TPU, a polycarbonate which is tough and impact resistant. The case ensures that the screen of your iPhone 4S does not touch the surface the phone is lying on, hence decreasing the chances of the screen getting damaged to the minimum.

The first layer of protection is the Ballistic shock absorption due to the hardened polymer. The second layer protection is the impact resistant shell made up of polycarbonate and the third layer of resistance is the Ballistic Corners which is made up of soft silicone. Now you can lay your phone on the table without worrying about the touch screen getting damaged since the case will not let the surface touch your phone’s screen.

This case is available in several colors. Please visit Techie Warehouse for not only iPhone 4/4S accessories, but other mobile accessories also!

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