Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 5 Case Review

Long gone are the days of bulky cases for the iPhone accessories. With the introduction of Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 5 cases, your iphone can now look trendy and be well protected. This is the ultimate case for your iPhone. The casing is itself as slim as the phone hence reducing the bulkiness involved when carrying it around which is nice compared to the big Otterbox Defender that can’t go unnoticed.

iphone ballistic smooth casesThe Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone case ensures that your phone is well protected by:

• Having interchangeable ballistic corners.
• A very firm grip that ensures that your phone does not slip off your hand.
• An ultra small casing that adds no bulkiness to your phone.

Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 5 case is available in many types of kits to suit your different tastes and variety. Every kit comes with a case and sixteen types of bumpers that are in pairs of four. They include:

• Charcoal kits
• Purple kits
• Hot pink kits
• Orange kit
• Teal kit

These kits ensure that your iPhone 5 never runs out of colors because you can match the color casing with your dressing or to match your day’s mood. The ballistic cases are in limited stock and it is advisable to an iPhone 5 owner to preorder on time before the stock runs out.

No Phone protection casing in the market can match that of iPhone 5 ballistic smooth series case.

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