Ballistic iPhone 5 SG Shell Gel Case Review & Preorder

The Ballistic iPhone 5 Shell Gel SG Case looks like a replica of the ballistic tough jacket for the Ipad by is quite different in functionality though it has many designs from it. The case is made up of two cases even though the t is described as having three cases by the ballistic. The first case comes with a shock absorbent polymer which enclosed by a very hard shell and comes in a wide range of appealing colors.

ballistic SG shell gel cases for iphone 5

The following features make the ballistic shell gel case for iPhone stand out from other cases:

• The shell is well blend to offer maximum protection and leave ample room for styling.
• The case protects the phone feature leaving no room for exposure to scratches.
• The casing has exposed dock connector shed phone jack, volume button, lock button
and mute switch which makes it easy to use.
• The casing is ultra slim and easy to fit.
• The shell gel casing has a lay down cover to ensure that the screen does not come into
contact with any surface when it is place on the table hence maximum protection is
• The shell gel is durable and is easy to clean.
• To ensure that the phone does not slide down the shell has a firm grip on the hand
and offers no resistance when slipping the phone in the pocket.

Ballistic shell gel case for iPhone 5 comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from also come check out some other iPhone 5 accessories available.

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