Ballistic Hard Core Case for Your Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

Looking for the most protective case for your iPhone 4S? You have plenty of choices you can select from. Ballistic offers a range of cases which offer multiple layers of protection to your phone. Take a look at this Ballistic Hard Core Case for the Apple iPhone 4.

Ballistic Hard Core Case for the Apple iPhone 4/4S, Gray The Ballastic Hard Core Case for the Apple iPhone 4S offers five layers of protection, can you believe that? The case comes with a rotating holster clip which rotates 180 degrees. The case promises to protect your iPhone not only from accidental drops and falls, but even from the forces of nature.

So even if you are roughing it up outdoors or sweating it out in the sun, you need not worry about your prized possession any more since this case takes care of all concerns about protecting your iPhone 4S. It ensures that your phone stays protected under all conditions. You do not need to take the phone out of its case every time you want to use it. The case comes with a built-in screen cover also. You can use the phone even when you are mountain biking! If you are looking for fool proof protection, you can opt to use the silicone cover with this case or opt out of the outer layer which is optional. You can use the case with or without the silicone case and facing inward.

The first layer of protection is the built in screen protector. The second layer of protection is given by the ballistic shock absorbent polymer casing. The tough polycarbonate which is impact resistant offers the third layer of protection to your iPhone 4s. The case has an additional layer of protection, the fifth layer, which is the Ballistic shock absorbent polymer again. The fifth and the last layer of protection is the silicone layer which is optional. The button and port covers are included in the case. This makes them easily accessible. The case has a holster which can rotate and is extremely durable also. The speakers are duly protected with the help of a water resistant mesh. The phone case is compatible with Apple iPhone 4, 4G and 4S.

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