AT&T Samsung Skyrocket Galaxy S2 Otterbox Defender vs. Impact Case Review (i727)

samsung skyrocket otterbox cases

The Otterbox Commuter case is also in the same class as the Otterbox Defender and has been specially designed for Samsung Skyrocket Galaxy S2. There are countless benefits which are associated with these cases and urge you to purchase either one as a great protector for your mobile phone, some of them are given below:

  • It is has been manufactured with tough and sleek protection.
  • It comes in several color options.
  • OtterBox SAM4-I727X has been specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.
  • It includes clear protection layer with cloth and installation card.
  • The inner layer is manufactured with durable silicone with the ability to absorb shock and bumps.
  • The outer shell is manufactured with the polycarbonate which protects it from impact.
  • It provides easy access to all buttons and jacks of phone.
  • Silicone plugs makes the access to all parts effortless.
  • It makes the access to camera open.

The best part of the Defender case is the three layer protection and easy access to all buttons of phone. Furthermore, the camera remains open and there is no shutter to be placed or removed to take quick snaps. Both the inner and outer layers are manufactured with silicone and polybicorbonate to keep the phone safe from shocks, bumps and impacts at the same time. Besides this the Otterbox Impact skin for Galaxy S II skyrocket i727, it is perceived as heavy duty skin made of silicone. It has been observed that many people prefer Otterbox Commuter cases over Otterbox Impact skin due to lack of knowledge regarding quality and benefits of Impact skin. If you love the skins most, you should strongly try the Otterbox Defender for Samsung Skyrocket Galaxy S2 as it is made of durable material and comes with the screen protector.

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