Arkon’s Universal Windshield Mount for Your Kindle Fire Tablet

The Kindle Fire Tablets come with such incredible features and applications that you cannot help but keep yourself attached to it all the time. However, navigation or browsing through a tablet becomes extremely difficult while driving a car. Although some people might think that it’s better to keep the tablet aside while driving but, there are many users who need to access certain features like maps or voice chat. In such a situation, if your tablet is not positioned properly in the car it might get damaged if the car encounters a sudden jerk or gains speed. To avoid such mishaps, it is essential to grab a compatible mount that would allow the user to access his Kindle Fire with his hands on the steering wheel. Presently, the market is flooded with many windshield mounts but a detailed study of Arkon’s Universal Windshield Mount proves it be quite suitable for securing your tablet.

Akron's Universal Windshield Mount for Kindle Fire TabletThe Akron’s Universal Windshield Mount for Kindle Fire Tablet is a must have! If you Kindle Fire tablet measures about seven inches to twelve inches, it can be easily accommodated in this mount. This particular accessory is equipped with a neck that can be extended, allowing the user to place his tablet at a suitable position and access various applications on it quite easily. The mount is equipped with a flexible holder that can tightly hold your gadget in its place. The mounting arm retains both telescopic and locking qualities and can be extended from 14.5 inches to 18.5 inches. The swivel mount allows the user to position his device in landscape or portrait mode and also allows smooth voice chatting. The Arkon’s Universal Windshield Mount can be installed in the car without following any complicated procedure.

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