Apple Wireless Keyboard vs. Bluetooth Mini i-Keyboard for Apple iPad & iPhone Review

All of us who have been using a Smartphone that have super smooth touch screen and allows easy navigation are appreciative of this very feature of our device. However, when the question of writing blogs, emails and articles arise, then we won’t find the onscreen keyboards of our devices as comfortable. So, why not think of getting a wireless keyboard? Take a look at the features of the Bluetooth Mini i-keyboard for Apple iPad & iPhone and Apple Wireless keyboard and pick the one you like the best.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard does not have any cable attached to it and it basically makes use of the Bluetooth technology to connect to the iPad or Mac. It is slim and compact keyboard that occupies little space on the desk. You can move the keyboard within thirty feet of your iPad or Mac and type wirelessly. You will also enjoy typing on its anodized aluminum enclosure that has super responsive keys. You can use the function keys on the keyboard and access a range of Mac features with just one touch. Hence, you will be able to access features including volume, brightness, eject, Dashboard and play/pause. The best part of owning this device is that you will need simply 2 AA batteries to operate it. It also has an intelligently designed power management system that saves battery. Therefore, when the keyboard is not being used, the power automatically turns down and turns on the moment you begin typing.

However, the Naztech Bluetooth Mini i-Keyboard for Apple iPad and iPhone is slightly better when compared to the Apple Wireless keyboard. This keyboard fits in the palm of your hand, and has keys which are sized similar. The device is also compatible with iPad and iPhone. Along with the keyboard, users also get a USB charging cable, mini CD that has pairing information.

It has 49 keys and essentially offer QWERTY layout along with function buttons for accessing additional controls such as directional commands and volume. It has an in-built rechargeable Li-on battery and the intelligent power management software. So, if you are searching for a keyboard that is portable as well, then the Naztech Bluetooth Mini i-Keyboard has to be your choice for sure.

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2 Responses to Apple Wireless Keyboard vs. Bluetooth Mini i-Keyboard for Apple iPad & iPhone Review

  1. Calandra says:

    I really like this post. I didn’t know that you could use these wireless keyboards with your iPhone. I wonder how many people actually use them with iPhone’s though… I mean if you’re going to type an article you probably wouldn’t do it on your phone. But I do think it’s awesome that you can also use it with the iPad. I’ve used the iPad keyboard and it’s just really strange to use and it’s hard to get used to. A wireless keyboard would be amazing with an iPad. I could definitely see people using it for that purpose as well as with their MAC’s.

  2. Techie Warehouse says:

    Calandra, you’re right it is surprising that people would actually use it with their iPhone, but there are actually people out there who do it. We have gotten questions from customers about how they can speed up their typing on the iPhones. What was most interesting, one was a reporter who spends most of her time traveling and was looking for a way to type up her articles via her iPhone! Moving forward I agree it would be more of a necessity with an iPad and a Mac over the iPhone 🙂

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