Apple May Reconsider a Larger Screen Size for iPhone 5 Since Consumers Favor Larger Android Smartphones

Apple May Reconsider a Larger Screen Size for iPhone 5 since Consumers Favor Larger Android Smartphones

Apple could be planning to bring about changes in the upcoming iPhone 5, as far as the size and features of the device are concerned. According to sources within the industry, the company may have a larger screen size for iPhone 5, simply because consumers are now finding Android Smartphones with larger screen sizes more fascinating.

NPD, a renowned market research company, revealed in one of its reports that consumers have started preferring larger sized smartphones. The report further pointed out that tiny and small sized phones have become outdated and people are now willing to compromise space in order to enjoy rich, large and fully-featured media experiences.

NPD also claimed in its report that those phones that offer displays ranging between 3.5 and 3.9 inches are not witnessing a huge demand anymore. Instead, people are now looking to opt for 4-inch screens or even larger sizes. In a press release, NPD mentioned that devices like Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X and HTC Evo 4G were some of the smartphones which managed to grab a 24% market share. They also carried out an analysis to discover that smartphones having screens that were smaller than 3.4 inches declined from 63% in the four quarter of 2009 to about 36% of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2010.

NPD also clarified that HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Fascinate, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate were some of the best selling devices now. The report noted that men are more inclined towards purchasing larger screens and even women are finding them equally interesting. In the last few years, women contributed to about 30-40 percent of total global smartphone sales.

Given that applications are being continuously updated, data storage is being expanded and resolution is being enhanced, it is only sensible for mobile phone manufacturers to have a 4-inch display for their gadgets. Amidst recent developments in consumer behavior which suggests that they are favoring big screen smartphones more, it remains to be seen whether Apple will make have a larger screen for the iPhone 5. Or will the company consider making several different sizes to compete with Android’s ability to give consumers a large amount of options?



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