Apple iPhone 4 Battery Life Tips and Tricks

by Erin Jones, TW Editor

Apple iPhone 4

Apple has announced the release of the iPhone 4, which not only runs on the new A4 processing system but also does include a larger battery which will extend the battery life much longer than the previous iPhone’s.  Apple claims the talk time will be extended up to 40 percent or 7 hours from the iPhone 3GS which only would allow 5 hours.  Apple has also enhanced the 3G browsing to 6 hours, Wi-Fi browsing to 10 hours, Audio playback up to 40 hours, Video playback is at 10 hours and 300 hours of standby time. Another thing Apple has done to improve the battery life is to incorporate the wireless antenna’s into the metal side plates. This could potentially improve the quality of the wireless signal, causing less battery drain. Other features which Apple has added to the iPhone 4 to help keep from draining the battery include an LED flash for the camera, as well as a higher resolution screen.

Although Apple has added new attributes to the upgraded iPhone, there are also numerous steps which can be done as the consumer to also extend and improve the battery performance:

1. Over-charging your Lithium Ion battery can render the battery performance over time, it is suggested to wait until your battery is almost fully dead before charging it, once the battery is completely charged remove it from the plug.

2. Lowering the display’s brightness can have a huge impact on your iPhone battery life, the lower the better but even adjusting the settings anywhere between 60% to 75% can be a great help.

3. Bluetooth is a huge convenience, and Bluetooth for the iPhone is always searching for a new device regardless of the location you are in; so to save on the battery life when you do not need Bluetooth turn it off.

4.  Wi-Fi has been a debatable topic in regards to whether or not this is hard on your battery life. It has been proven that leaving the Wi-Fi network on does increase the life of your battery so there is no need to keep turning this feature on and off depending on your location.

5. Use GPS as sparingly as possible

6. Keep Vibration off or use it as little as possible.

7. Portable chargers are another way to charge your battery while on the go, whether you are taking a long flight, have various outdoor activities or are in the car for an extended period of time.  Here are a few suggestions we can make to keep your battery life up to capacity.

The Apple iPhone 4 (4G) Super Rapid Car Charger, with its ability to provide a lightning quick charge, the Phantom is the most powerful car charger ever created.

The Apple iPhone 4 (4G) 3-in-1 AC+DC+USB Travel Charger. This high performance rapid charger uniquely combines an AC adapter for wall outlets, a DC adapter for car receptacles and a USB cable to charge through computers.

The Apple iPhone 4 (4G) Extended Life Battery Pack Charger. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet provides 1800 mAH of power – that is power up to 3 times the standard battery.  The n301 battery pack can be recharged from any computer USB port or a standard wall power outlet in addition to any standard vehicle adapter.

Consumers who purchased the iPhone 3G two years ago are ready for an upgrade to the iPhone 4 and to purchase the number one phone on the market today. Preorders are starting June 15, 2010 with an actual release date of June 24, 2010. The iPhone 4 16GB is priced at $199 with contract and the iPhone 4 32 GB is $299 with contract.

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