Apple iPhone 4 (4G) Bumper Cases Review

by Charlie O’Day, TW Editor

The iPhone 4 Bumper cases shown on Apple’s website shows how hard Apple is working hard to stay ahead of the third-party accessories industry.

The Bumper case is available in six colors – white, blue, black, green, pink and orange. The bumper is designed to slip around the perimeter of the iPhone 4, protecting the metal while exposing the buttons for volume and power. The molded bumpers are made of plastic and rubber materials.

The cost of the Bumper case is rumored to be $29.99 at any Apple store. Worth the price? We think not. If you take a close look at the design of the case you will find the amount of material is approximately six square inches. This is only 1/4th of the material that is actually used in most standard silicone rubber skins and cases. The estimated actual cost per iPhone 4 Bumper case to Apple is $0.15 cents excluding Apple’s retail packaging costs which would still fall well under $0.50 cents.

In conclusion, Apple will probably be making a net profit of $29.00 per Bumper they sell. Let’s not forget how much money will actually make off of each iPhone 4. From the look of things, Apple is going to be pulling in a lot of money between their iPhone and iPad and report some record breaking revenues this Christmas 2010.

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