Apple iPad Otterbox Defender vs. Vertex 3 Layer Cases Review

Searching for that one perfect case for your Apple iPad can get difficult as it requires you to carefully analyze the huge variety of cases available in the market today. However, if you don’t wish to waste your time looking for the best case consider our expertise advice; you should consider selecting the Otterbox Defender series or the Vertex 3 layered case for your Apple iPad. While both of them are equally good for your iPad, the Vertex case is comparatively cheaper and economical to own. The Vertex case is extremely light and serves as a great accessory. Here’s an analysis of both the cases.

Otterbox Defender Series for Apple iPad Review

If you are consciously looking for a drop-proof case then the Otterbox Defender Series case is ideal for you. This case offers three layered tough protection and some very advanced features. You can remove the black colored polycarbonate cover and snap it over the face to protect the touch screen of your iPad, if you wish to remove the case at night or while commuting. It comes with an in-built stand that allows you to watch a video or movie with ease. This will also enhance your web browsing experience. You can also accommodate the optional iPad dock accessory along with this case. The case will keep your iPad protected from bumps, drops and scratches. It also allows you to access all the ports and buttons of your iPad using the silicone plugs and is made from superior quality polycarbonate shell and durable silicone skin.

Apple iPad Hybrid Tough Cases vs. iPad Vertex 3 Layer Cases

On the other hand, the Naztech Vertex 3-Layer Covers for Apple iPad just like the Otterbox Defender offers three layers protective cover for your iPad. The silicone core on the inside of the case is capable of absorbing shocks from drops and bumps while the hard polycarbonate exterior shell safeguards your phone from scrapes, dings, cuts and any sort of damage. The screen protector will provide protection for the screen of your Apple iPad. The case allows for easy accessing of ports and other functions of your tablet. Along with the case, you will also get a cleaning cloth. This case comes highly recommended by our customers who have given us wonderful feedback about the Vertex 3-Layer Case Covers and we also provide a huge selection of other Apple ipad accessories you will enjoy learning about.

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