Apple iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case Combo Review

Poetic KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Mini BlackThe Apple iPad mini is one of the greatest and most innovative inventions from the technology giant Apple. The tablet like any other device is highly susceptible to damage by dust, debris and unprotected impact with hard surfaces. That is why Poetic, an Exact Design Inc Brand has decided to come up with a way of protecting the mini from damage. The Apple iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case is more than just a protection case.

Its primary purpose is however to provide cushion for the iPad in case of impact with hard surfaces. This is achieved by the leather like, slim and durable high grain cover. The cover also protects against scratches and entry of dust and debris.

In addition to the leather like cover for protection the whole case also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard attached. For those whom the ‘touch technology’ is not especially appealing, the keyboard is a major advantage. The keyboard is attached to the inside of the case using magnets which means that you can easily remove the keyboard when you want.

Connecting the keyboard with your tablet and other Bluetooth devices is quite easy. The keyboard also has anti-spill keys ensuring minimal damage in case of an accidental liquid spill. It also has rubberized keys to make sure that the tablet screen does not get scratched when the case is closed. It is important to note that the iPad features are fully accessible with the case still on. Also the case can be used as stand for the tablet.

The whole case weighs 13.6 ounces and can be purchased at It comes with a three year warranty from Poetic.

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