Apple iPad Hybrid Tough Cases vs. Vertex 3 Layer Cases

When your mobile phone slips from your hand and falls flat on the floor, it ends up developing scratch marks that only annoy you. Therefore, if you have purchased a hi-end tablet such as the iPad and wish to protect the device from any damage, dust and drops, then you can easily think of getting Apple iPad Hybrid tough case and even the iPad Vertex 3 layer case, depending upon your own choice.

Apple iPad Hybrid Tough Cases vs. iPad Vertex 3 Layer Cases

While the Apple iPad Hybrid cases are capable of providing double protection to your mobile phones, it has been innovatively designed to save your handset from falls, accidents and drops. The hard shell of the case saves your phone against any sort of impact. In addition to this, the slim case which is also very light and supports and protects your iPad against drops. The case has been specifically designed to save your mobile phone from falls that happen by accident. It is a tough case and its form fitting wrap carved from silicone provides resistance from shocks. Thanks to its form fitting design, the back and the corners of your device will remain covered as well. It is available in two-toned colour combinations including grey and black, green and black, pink and black and black and black. The case also allows you to access all the ports and other functions of the mobile.

On the other hand, the Naztech Vertex 3-layer covers offers ultimate protection for your smartphone as well. While the inside silicone core is capable of absorbing shock from drops and bumps, the exterior layer made from a hard polycarbonate helps prevent scrapes, cuts, damages and dings. It helps you safeguard the screen of your mobile phone with the help of its screen protector. Thanks to the design of the case, accessing the ports, buttons and screen of your device will be easier.

You can also preserve the terrific design of your handset, thanks to the form fitting design of the Vertex. Along with the case, users also get a cleaning cloth that helps them wipe finger mark or dirt. It can easily be slipped into your purse or pocket as well.

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