Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9,Kindle Fire HD Tablet -White/Red
The Amazon Kindle fire HD 8.9 Bluetooth Keyboard case is one handy invention. It is very useful when it comes to protecting your precious Kindle fire HD 8.9 from damage due to dust, debris, liquid spills and even unprotected impact with hard surfaces. The case comes only in one color, White Red.

The size and make of the case has been designed to exactly fit the mentioned version of Kindle fire hence it is only compatible with this version. The exterior of the case is made of stylish and durable grain leather. This ensures minimum damage to the tablet in case the case hits a hard surface. The interior is dual layer and is made of synthetic premium leather to absorb impact shock and protect the tablet from scratches. The case also has a stand at the back to support the tablet while it is being used. This means that you can use your device while it is still in the case.

In addition, the case also comes with a detachable semi rigid Bluetooth keyboard which can be wirelessly connected with the Kindle fire tablet. To connect simply switch on the keyboard and press the connect button on it. Then use your tablet to search for the keyboard Bluetooth. Once the tablet finds it go ahead with the connection procedure until it is successful. You can also remove the keyboard easily if you do not want to use it. The case can be purchased at

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