Accessories for Your Apple iPad

Accessories for your Apple iPad

It is crucial to be in possession of proper accessories for handsets that you are in possession of! However, it is important to point out, that it is crucial to have proper accessories if you want your iPad to function properly.

Headrest Mount and Custom Fit Protective Holder for Apple iPad: Headrest Mount for iPad is a stylish solution to attach to car’s headrest posts. This mount has dual core components, a customized iPad holder and a headrest-mounting pedestal. Now, let us turn our eyes to the features of this product:

  • Universal mounting: This is instrumental in fitting almost all forms of headrest, with its uniquely designed adjustable arms.
  • 360° rotation that facilitates both landscape as well as portrait views.
  • This model comes with a protective holder and and all the buttons and ports remain easily accessible in this case.
  • You can lock this in position.

Front Seat Car Mount for Apple iPad: Now, let us go through the features of this front seat car mount.

  • 20″ flexible aluminum seat bolt floor mount that come with dash drill and optional floor.
  • Protective holders that come with customized fittings.
  • Strong and lightweight.
  • Swivel ball connection that can rotate 360°. This can be tilted as well, thereby facilitating portrait as well as landscape viewing.

Griffin GC23092 Auto Adapter – 5 V DC: You can use this adapter in order to charge from your vehicle. The low profile design of this model makes use of an illuminated light ring in order to indicate the charge status. You can use PowerJolt’s dock cable and use it separately in order to sync or charge your iPod, iPad, or iPhone separately. If you want to charge any other device, you can use cables that are provided with the device, plugging it into the USB port of PowerJolt.

Retractable iPhone 4 in 1 Charger: This charger helps in charging and also synchronizing your iPad. This model comes with two USB ports.

If you are on the lookout for chargers for adapters for your Apple iPad, please visit TechieWarehouse.



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