Samsung Galaxy S5 Rechargeable Battery Case for Extended Battery Life

Executive Mobile has introduced the Galaxy S5 rechargeable battery case for the latest Samsung Galaxy S5. The launch was anticipated by many Galaxy fans who flocked to buy Executive Mobile and Mophie battery cases for the Galaxy predecessor known as the S4.

Galaxy S5 Rechargeable Battery Case - Black

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The battery case is very thin and packs 2800 mah of battery life which doubles your battery life and adds 10 hours of talk time.

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iPhone 5 Battery Case: i-Blason PowerGlider vs. Executive Mobile Juiced Up Bumper

The battery case wars has heated up intensely since Mophie used to be the king of battery cases. The game has changed and we’ve got new reputable players in the arena introducing the latest technology in battery packs since lithium-ion batteries were created.

executive mobile juiced up bumper iphone 5

Juiced Up Bumper Case by Executive Mobile

Executive Mobile has delivered a serious uppercut to i-Blason’s PowerGlider after releasing the Juiced Up Bumper Case for iPhone 5 yesterday. A beautiful case with a solid fit and has a nice finish in matte material that will feel like it fits the contours of your hands perfectly. The best part is the bumper trim that reminds me of the original Apple Bumper and the trim is available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Yellow. Also, there is a white body and grey trim case available as well.

iblason powerglider for iphone 5

While i-Blason PowerGlider delivers solid performance for the iPhone 5, it just does not meet the standards we would expect from a Battery Case. We also found the speaker location cutout to be quite awkward on the top of the PowerGlider case caused the sound to be slightly more muted than I am used to. Almost like the iPhone was buried inside of a box.

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Juiced Up Bumpers Battery Pack for iPhone 5 by Executive Mobile

Juiced Up Bumpers for iPhone 5


Remember the old days when Apple’s response to the antennagate scandal was the Bumper Case? Apparently the trend caught on and iPhone users simply love their bumper cases. Downside of the Bumper case is insufficient power to get your iPhone through the day. Executive Mobile has an answer to that with Juiced Up Bumpers for iPhone 5.

With 2200mah of additional power, you can expect to get 110% more battery life which for some will give you enough power for three days without a charge. The Juiced Up Bumper also is compatible with iTunes so you won’t have to remove the iPhone 5.

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Preorder the Blackberry Z10 Otterbox Defender Series Case Today

The latest Blackberry Z10 has all the bells and whistles and the Otterbox Defender Series Case is already in production for the upcoming Blackberry Z10 March 2013 release (we hope). As always the Otterbox will feature a multi-layer made up of polycarbonate and silicone. A built in screen shield and a holster to clip onto your belt without removing the case.


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iPhone 5 Extended Battery Case Doubles Battery Life – Best iPhone 5 Case Cover

iPhone 5 Extended Battery Case Cover

For the ultimate power user, the iPhone 5 Extended Battery Case and Cover is without doubt the best iPhone 5 case. Now that the iPhone 5 is slimmer and smaller than it’s predecessors the battery/case combination is no longer bulky. Even better, the iPhone 5 inside this case is still smaller than it’s arch rival the massive Samsung Galaxy SIII.

With built in battery led indicator lights you will always know where you are and there is no doubt you won’t double your iPhone 5 battery life it’s got 2200 mah of additional power to spare for those days you just cannot put the iPhone down.

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